Changing your website’s domain is a difficult and risky task that requires trained professionals. Imagine this—you have paid a website designer to build your site. You have put in the time and the money to get every piece in place. With the website fully realized, it hits you. Your domain doesn’t match your new branding. Instead of starting from scratch with a new website address, GSD can relocate your data to a new domain without any interruptions.

Domain migration is the transfer of data between two website domains. This often requires time to complete and propagate, especially because your website is precious digital cargo. We understand that your website data is an investment and we treat it like such. Our staff has completely countless domain transfers for organizations both big and small. Each of our partners receives the same white-glove domain migration services. We protect your digital assets and make sure they go to their final destination safely.

The Domain Migration Process

Your organization may require a domain transfer for a variety of reasons—server or design upgrades, switching to a new internet service provider (ISP), or simply migrating page data from one website to another. Whatever the reason may be, our goal is to preserve the data associated with your organization’s website.

A successful domain migration occurs without the loss of text, files, design, or functionality. GSD will migrate your site and emails to ensure everything is working properly with your new ISP or hosting platform. Our team can collaborate with your website designer or marketing team to ensure that the migration is seamless. We do the heavy lifting and leave the designers to worry about the visual and content aspects of your site. After your complete migration, we will take a final review of your website to ensure everything is functioning as expected.

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