The cloud is an ever-present force in modern business. Fewer and fewer companies are relying on legacy systems for apps and services. The cloud is now the commonplace practice for businesses of every size. While cloud migration is becoming more common, it can be challenging. Cloud migration is the process of transferring data from one location to another. This is a highly technical process that requires an experienced IT team.

GSD Technologies is well-versed in migrating apps and services to the cloud. Our goal is to create an environment that increases productivity and efficiency. This is exactly what the cloud allows organizations to do. The cloud increases simplicity and performance with optimization. It enables your workforce to get connected to the resources and materials they need most without the limitations of a traditional infrastructure.

Organizations continue to choose the cloud because of its flexible, user-friendly storage options. Your company can conduct business without worrying about storage capacity issues. The cloud offers the scalability you need when you need it. Whether your business is scaling up or sizing down, the cloud offers the performance and availability of an on-premise infrastructure without limitations on file sizes or security.

Private Cloud

A private cloud offers increased security for organizations that require an extra layer of protection. Data is protected behind an internal firewall and is exclusive to your organization. You will not share any resources any each piece of data remains in your organization’s control. Everything operates internally, including management and maintenance, so this is a great option for large companies who already have an IT staff.

Public Cloud

Your organization will no longer have to install, manage, or purchase additional software. With a public cloud, you can access the applications you need without having to sit through laborious downloads. Public cloud systems are continuously and automatically upgraded on the back-end without interruption on the front-end. This means your organization can concentrate on the core of your business instead of your infrastructure.

Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

  • Reduced costs

  • Increased functionality, agility, and speed

  • Operational efficiency

  • Reduced downtime

  • Robust security

  • Access your data from anywhere

  • No software to maintain and upgrade

The Cloud Migration Process

Every cloud migration is different. Our experts have led countless successful cloud migrations, each one unique to that business. Some organizations move from one cloud server to another, others move from legacy systems. Whatever your starting point, GSD will plan and execute your cloud migration and then work with your organization so you can utilize the cloud to its fullest potential.

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