A modern business does not have time for the limitations that come with outdated IT devices. The staff at GSD is dedicated to increased organizational efficiency through optimizing technology. Transform your company’s approach to communication with our data migration services for email, phone, and web.

These services are rooted in integration to solve any interoperability issues your workforce is currently experiencing, both internally and with customers. When your business simplifies its infrastructure, your staff can focus on what they do best, not the complexities of your IT devices. We offer end-to-end data migration services that ensure your business is running at peak performance.

Email Migration Services

We handle the technical side of email migration services for companies of all sizes, whether you require migration for hundreds of users or just a select few. Our professional migration tools ensure a stress-free transition, from connecting to your email server to move your emails to their final destination.

Email Migration

Domain Migration Services

Domain migration is the shifting of website data between domains without the loss of text or files. This process also preserves the design and functionality of the website. GSD will migrate your site and emails to ensure everything is working properly with your new ISP or hosting platform.

Domain Migration

Phone Migration Services

Phone communication is often the first touchpoint to your business. GSD is dedicated to efficient and effective phone system migrations. Our staff will install your new phones and set up a cloud-based phone system that meets your organization’s specific needs.

Phone Migration

Public and Private Cloud Migration Services

GSD offers a customized approach to cloud migration services. We understand that all organizations have different goals and vastly different cloud requirements. That’s why we offer innovative cloud solutions that are specifically tailored to your business.

Cloud Migration

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