Uptime is critical to your daily business tasks. When your server is down, your productivity is down. Time is money and your workforce can’t spend valuable time waiting for server resolutions. GSD Technologies provides server management and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Our server administrators improve strategy and boost performance with routine monitoring.

Our goal is to fix server issues before they impact your business. IT professionals evaluate and address server issues to prevent catastrophes and keep operations profitable. Server security and network components are maintained by trained experts who proactively monitor day-to-day server operations. This allows us to resolve problems before end users experience the issue and simplify visibility across server environments.

Your Server, Safeguarded

Structured Query Language (SQL) Servers

  • Microsoft-designed database server
  • Used to communicate with a database
  • Stores and retrieves data as requested by other software applications

Exchange Servers

  • Microsoft-designed, web-based server
  • User collaboration for calendar and document sharing
  • Telephony capabilities or smartphones, tablets, and desktops

IIS Servers

  • Microsoft-created web server
  • Allows web servers to share and deliver information across local area networks
  • Delivers requested HTML pages or files within a browser

Citrix Servers

  • Access applications from anywhere, no matter the device
  • Centralized desktops and applications with XenApp and XenDesktop
  • Increased security by virtually storing confidential data

Patch Management

Now your organization can work towards important goals instead of focusing on IT maintenance. Patch Management is vital to keeping your systems and applications safe from vulnerabilities before they are exploited. This process helps acquire, test and deploy patches on your organization’s existing applications and software tools. Patches are necessary to keep your data safeguarded and to ensure maximum system uptime.

Our industry-leading Patch Management services solve critical organization issues and dramatically reduce corporate risk. With our team on your side, you can count on quick resolutions to any system problems that may emerge. GSD’s server administrators keep your organization fully up-to-date antivirus, Windows updates, application updates, and system updates. Our staff tailors proactive protection and monthly patch cycles to your organization’s requirements. Patches free up memory, CPU, and storage for more important things like asset security and data protection.

Moving IT Forward

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