Some organizations, like hospitals or law enforcement agencies, have critical applications that cannot tolerate any downtime. These complex IT environments require a mix of solutions for complete data protection. High Availability (HA) solutions keep critical systems online at all times. This infrastructure design is durable and able to operate systems continuously without failure for long periods of time.

Ideally, no organization would experience downtime. Unfortunately, no system is perfect. We know that uptime is critical to your operation and you cannot endure any interruption. At GSD Technologies, we aim for 99.999% uptime for our high availability partners. This breaks down to less than an hour of downtime each year.

How High Availability Works

If an emergency or disaster strikes, your system can role-swap to an onsite or cloud backup server.

HA refers to a system architecture that had been optimized to reduce downtime. Availability depends on the number of components, their configuration settings, and the assets associated with each component. High availability is a response mechanism for infrastructure. These systems work by having more components than they need, so a single failed component can’t take your entire system down.

Redundancy eliminates the problems related to single point of failures. If one component fails, the workload is switched to a secondary environment. Users are rerouted the moment there’s an interruption at the source. This process is called failover. This limits downtime to seconds or minutes instead of hours or days. A properly functioning HA system will offer redundancy, self-monitoring, and failover on each service in order to be considered highly available.

Some data systems are more essential than others. Not every system needs high availability protection. GSD can tailor a HA solution to meet your business objectives. Our team will work with your organization to determine the urgency of data. These scalable business continuity solutions mean if your needs change, your solution can too.

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