Your organization generates more data each and every day. As your infrastructure and data needs diversify, protection against downtime and data loss can become a challenge. It’s not a matter of if a disaster will happen to your data, but a matter of when. GSD offers backup tools and resources to accommodate your growing data volumes.

Data backup is the action of proactively copying and securing business files, documents, and applications. Data loss is devastating and can be caused by everything from file corruption and human error, to damaged computers or theft. The purpose of these backups is to restore lost data and to offer additional protection against downtime.

At GSD, our goal is to provide complete backups for your critical information. Data backup is a cost-effective way to get your organization back on track during the time of a catastrophe. These solutions get your staff back to business with immediate access to files and documents. Data backup is the initial step to a full disaster recovery plan. It’s a critical piece to getting your daily operations back in action.

Data Backup for All IT Environments

GSD’s team of IT experts will work with you to develop a tactical backup plan based on your needs and your IT environment—on premise, cloud-native, or hybrid.

The Benefits of Backup


Local and cloud backup solutions keep data systems safe and allow you to access your data anytime, anywhere. 


GSD’s backup solutions are optimized for enterprise-scale datasets and are compatible with a wide range of operating systems and applications.


Our backup services offer secure and dependable protection that is in compliance with your industry’s regulations.

Disaster Recovery Services

Recovering data from a backup is the next step in business continuity. Data backup is only the first phase of establishing a proper disaster recovery plan. It’s the steppingstone to restoring mission-critical functions to your organization. A backup ensures the data is there. A disaster recovery plan guarantees its retrieval.

Disaster Recovery

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