Your organization demands constant access to its files, documents, and applications. Without this data, your vital business operations are put on hold. The disruption may be caused by a cyber-attack that corrupts your data, a network outage that takes your entire system down, or a natural disaster that compromises your hardware. Whatever the case is, a disaster of any size can interrupt your business and cause costly downtime.

Extensive downtime is the culprit of lost revenues, extra expenses, and reduced profits. A business continuity plan is essential for recovery when a disaster strikes. You don’t have time to wait for a solution. Business continuity is a combination of procedures and practices that keep your business running, even in the event of failure. This process proactively backs up your systems to the cloud and restores them.

Your organization no longer has to choose between quick recovery times and data loss. For example, physical servers can be destroyed in tragic instances like a fire or flood, but the cloud remains robust. With a business continuity plan, you just need to focus on how quickly you can get your business operating again, not if you’ll be able to do it. A cloud-based network enables your staff to work from another location using a virtual environment while you get your physical environment restored.

Developing a Business Continuity Plan

At GSD Technologies, our goal is to keep your organization productive during a crisis, whatever that may look like. We will create the sustainable framework for ongoing data protection that ensures your business is able to quickly bounce back from any disruptions.

Our team will work with your organization to discover what you need from a business continuity plan. We will determine how to best approach the crisis and restore data after it has been compromised.

Business continuity isn’t about planning alone. Receive unparalleled peace of mind knowing you are prepared. We will help your business implement these strategies to reduce risk and increase organizational resilience.

Business Continuity Services

Backup Services

Proactively safeguard your business from downtime with secure onsite and offsite backups. A comprehensive backup and restore plan keeps your information accessible when you need it most.


Disaster Recovery Services

A data disaster can hit at any time but your business can be back to peak operation within moments. Your organization can deal with a catastrophe as it occurs, whether the issue is man-made or out of your control.

Disaster Recovery

High Availability (HA)

Some organizations simply cannot tolerate downtime. Critical assets require continuous, automated redundancy to bring your business as close to zero-downtime with a high availability system.


Moving IT Forward

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